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29, Kaljukits
Saada jootraha
Oluline info kasutaja BDSMAmateur kohta
Seksuaalne eelistusHeteroseksuaal
Pikkus>185 cm - 195 cm
Kaal60 - 70 kg
Etniline päritoluValge/Kaukaaslane
KeeledEesti, Inglise
Mind erutab
Slim and veiny arms, long and slim (veiny) neck, pure and gentle skin, innocent look and behavior. Something like this.
I love making my own computer games or edit already existing ones.
Mida me veebikaameras teeme
I just did it....

First oiled my cock and it's hole deep inside with a syringe. Even doing this make my dick so hard but then I gave a shock to it and put an object to a hole to move it up and down in the same time when suffering in electroshock. Muscles got so hard and the extreme pleasure began so long before orgasm with every movement and then it came. OMG! This kind of thing is so good.

Experiments can reveal a lot of very pleasing things.

Food oil, holy ****!

I have no much chances...

I have no chance to do a stream in other days and if I have a chance to spend my time here, I always die to sleep. I really want to test out new things especially because of new interesting bots and more but I simply have no strength.

This means I remove all working hours because of a job that cannot be ended because of a need to have money for living. However, BongaCams is still in my interest area.

BDSMAmateur soovinimekiri
My working time here
My working time here
I really would like to set my own working time here but I have no much time because of my current job for money. Earning enough for living from here would be enough to quit my current official job but I can't quit it before I can be sure that BongaCams alone would allow me to live... So if you will like me then whenever, I make my first show it depends on you how much I am going to spend my time here. Although I understand it depends on if I am your type also... :) Anyways, 30 euros from here per day would be sure enough. :) I am hetero but I think I would agree also to perform a show for gei and bi men.
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Interest mate
Interest mate
I have always dreamed about my own interest mate who would be it sexually. I like needles, electric stimulator, wax, bondage, and much more unusual things. Saying this shortly and shy I also like to use those things on a pure skin. Special beauty and poses are something what makes honey and which make me wish and fantasize to do certain things. I am not a very regular guy and who would allow to put needles to her skin or do some another kind of pain? So my dreams are quite unrealistic ones, right? But some people, however, are unusual too and have their own beautiful partners who enjoy whatever they do.
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Thank you, 197solovei! I am especially glad to know that I can be successful being kind. :)
This guy is very handsome. He's incredibly kind. You make the world a better place.